SORRY AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!

IM SO SORRY, been really bad with my blogging and sorry bout that but good news, started on my front row collection which i have collaborated with one of my good friends Maddie Collins. 

also passed my costume design unit wooo hoooooo.

But im very busy at the moment as been asked to be in a proodution of miss saigon, this is at bexhill high, but i have three weeks to learn it eeeeeeeek.

Any way Night guys xx




So really sorry, been to busy to update you guys on what’s been going on, well I got into Northbrooke uni on the musical theater course but unfortunately didn’t get into Nottingham. Also have been asked to be in Front Row 2013 on the 30th november eeeek, gonna be sooo good. any speak later



So whats the worst feeling?………


But I did have a good day, go an amazing t-shirt and new bag so all good.

Also update on the products to sell, hopefully pics and details will be here soon so stay tuned.




So what to day the day before you turn 20….? 


Well i think i decided haha, i am going to a new shop opened up near us to go have look at fabrics, also gonna go in to print my own textiles wish me luck as planning to sell them.

any ways talk to you later Image

Photo shoot


So friday evening housed one of the best photo-shoots, we had the music blaring and one of my friends offered to do the photos for me. I am hoping to get these photos soon and trust me there gonna be going on here as well as Facebook, that is some of them as there was almost over  300 photos taken.


Keep you posted

Sam xxx