Wedding and Baby Blues!!!!!!!

So the reason for not being on here in ages is that my brothers getting married in a months time (awwwwww) and i’m groomsman (yay) But  sad to them as a wedding present that i would decorate the hall for them, but this is turning out to be a feat and a half lol but im happy to do t and having fun, unfortunately  cant show any of the progress pictures as the hall is a surprise but we can tell you ts a tea party and a quote that works with it is `we’re all mad here` Hopefully you can work out what it is hehe. 

On another note for this wedding  have designed my mums dress and my dads waistcoat, this has been quite fun as i made my mum go for a differrent style shape and era, but she looks so good in it, but again keep an eye out for pics on here.


On tuesday about 4 o’clock i became an uncle to a gorgeous little baby girl called rose, i got the pleasure to create yet another baby quilt (I HATE QUILTING) i really do hate quilting but as its for family i got it done. and you do get to see a pic of this quilt hehe, i will also show you the fist ever one so you hopefully can see an improvement.

First quilt:


Second Quilt:



Awww well stay tuned for more Info hehe



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