So is the question? haha

nah, the topics today areeeeee….



T shirts and princess dress wooooo (from new collection i started)

so yesterday i decide to make a tshirt out of some amazing fabric i found and guess what i sold it already wooooooo, and because i know everyone likes to see it here it is …… 



ImageSo now to the other project ive started is a dress based on princess arora but guess what not letting you see till i done alot more on it :p

any speak to you guys soon xxxx



Really sorry

Hey there, i am really sorry that i havent posted in a while been through alot like a new move to worthing, and starting uni (musical Theatre) but i really did miss writing and posting coments, i have also in this time finished my greek collection which i will let you have a see hehe.Image


ImageI had an incredible team behind me, my models were amazing and my make up team was awsome, they went with the wierdness of me but still managed to keep it classy to keep it with the dresses. 


Also i have a few more projects on the go but i can tell you about them untill they’re done i so sorry, i promise it wont be long though.


heres one of my makeup teams acount take a look shes amazing. 

keep you posted sam xx



I am so incredibly sorry that i havent been on her in a while i really didnt mean to and i miss you lot :( x

So anyway college fashion show has been and gone and guess what you get to see what i was ramberling on about not so loong ago hahaha….




so lets not wait anymore and here they are 




So heres my first oufit Zazu wooooo, i decide not to make this outfit literall so hope you like this.Image



So now for Simba this is based on the theory of a lions legs and structure.






Scar is based on a army or millitary style, and made to look evil.Image



Finally Nala, this was based on royalty and how she would look if she was a princess.




HEY, i am so sorry i haven’t posted recently i’ve been working on a new project at college that im really excited for you guys to see, although your gonna have to wait ;) it’s just i have only create a toile for one of the outfits but if your lucky i might post my sketches for this collection.

The theme is …………



this is a final major project at college this of which i am create 4 of the many characters, i am so looking forward to it, and am looking forward to rocking my simba look down the catwalk yay.

Oh yeah i am still carrying on with my greek collection, but you may have to wait to see more of them. 

Anyway see you guys later.



SORRY AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!

IM SO SORRY, been really bad with my blogging and sorry bout that but good news, started on my front row collection which i have collaborated with one of my good friends Maddie Collins. 

also passed my costume design unit wooo hoooooo.

But im very busy at the moment as been asked to be in a proodution of miss saigon, this is at bexhill high, but i have three weeks to learn it eeeeeeeek.

Any way Night guys xx